A Hero’s Tale: 9 2e Adventures In One

D&D A Hero's Tale

I’m a big fan of game modules — especially ones with great story hooks that you can use on the fly. A Hero’s Tale is one such module. Written by none other than Monte Cook, this module is actually a collection of nine short adventures — just the thing for a harried DM short on time, but needing something engaging for his players.

A Hero’s Tale Contents

A Hero’s Tale was released in 1996 at a full 64 pages. Each story can be played independently, or used in a sequence.

The 2e adventures are designed for two to six characters of levels 1-10:

  • Adventure One: Haggash’s Secret. Level 1-3
  • Adventure Two: Chain Gang. Level 3-4
  • Adventure Three: At the Races. Level 4-5
  • Adventure Four: Web of Death. Level 5-6
  • Adventure Five: Look of Love. Level 5-6
  • Adventure Six: Frost and Thorn. Level 6-7
  • Adventure Seven: The Mistake. Level 7-8
  • Adventure Eight: The Covey. Level 8-9
  • Adventure Nine: The Abados. Level 9-10

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Dungeon Master’s Adventure Log

A Hero’s Tale Artwork

Like most Dungeons & Dragons modules from this time period, the artwork is amazing. Jeff Easley painted the front cover in a muted, fairy tale style reminiscent of a Brothers Grimm story while the interior art is nothing short of spectacular. The interior illustrations were provided by John Snyder, Arnie Swekel, and Stephen A. Daniele.

Dungeons and Dragons A Hero's Tale

A Hero's Tale B

A Hero's Tale C

A Hero's Tale D

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