Dungeon Masters Adventure Log

Keeping Organized on the Campaign Trail

DM adventure log

Keeping organized is one of the necessities of being a good DM. In my Friday night group, the Dungeon Master uses a laptop and his phone to keep track of notes and information pertaining to the campaign, and player characters. He’s a good DM, and his system works well for him — and in turn for our group.

The Dungeon Masters Adventure Log

Back in 1980, TSR sold the “Dungeon Masters Adventure Log.” It was an organizational aid used to keep track of important stuff — player’s Hit Points, Armor Class, bonuses, etc. There were also useful tables included to help keep a game running smoothly (combat modifiers, XP values etc.).

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Amazing Artwork

What would an early TSR release be without the amazing talents of Erol Otus? The cover of the Dungeon Masters Adventure log is classic. There’s so much going on in this illustration: a party of adventurers taking on a Gnoll while we catch only a glimpse of beasts lurking in the dungeon rooms above and below. Printing in two colors helped save money I’m sure, but the two-tone red and black gave the adventure log a unique look that we now consider vintage.

Dungeon Masters Adventure Log 1980

DM Adventure Log pages

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