Dungeons And Doggies Miniatures Now On Kickstarter

Dungeons and Doggies Miniatures

I’m a tabletop miniatures collector and have been hoarding minis most of my life — old classics from Grenadier and Ral Partha to new classics from Reaper and Dark Sword. This morning a friend of mine tipped me off about a new Kickstarter that’s got me real excited: Dungeons and Doggies miniatures.

Dungeons And Doggies Miniatures

A new range of 13 dog miniatures is currently being funded on Kickstarter here. These aren’t your ordinary dog minis, however. These adventurous pooches are dressed up as some of our favorite D&D classes (bards, rogues, monks, etc.).

The Kickstarter is being held by a group called Painting and Polygons. They’ve had experience working in other projects, but Dungeons and Doggies is their first independent Kickstarter.

To keep things simple, P&P is only having one pledge (no complicated stretch goals, etc). For $35.oo, anyone can support the project and will be given 12 dog minis + 1 exclusive Kickstarter mini. In addition, supporters will also receive some other goodies. In total, this is what backers get:

  • 13 dog miniatures
  • D&D 5e compatible rules so you can play as a dog (ruff!)
  • “Who’ll Let the Dogs Out” adventure module
  • Art prints by concept artist April Prime

Note: the rules and module are in a PDF format.

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The Dog Miniatures

The minis look amazing, and are sculpted in 25mm scale with 20mm bases — the perfect size for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. The minis come preassembled and are molded from PVC resin (alas, not metal, but PVC makes the minis much more affordable).

The miniatures are expected to ship in May 2019 (shipping costs are extra and will be collected later).

Note: When I receive my miniatures, I’m planning on turning my players into dogs (either cursed from an evil sorcerer or magic item — I’m not exactly sure yet).  I don’t think an entire campaign built around dogs would work for my current group, but it should be a blast for a session or two.

Update: the Dungeons and Doggies miniatures project has been fully funded on Kickstarter. At the time of this blog post there are 6,112 backers with a total pledge amount of $219,488 (well above the $19,699 goal).

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Group
Kickstarter backers will receive the above 12 miniatures…
Dungeons and Doggies Miniatures Exclusive
Plus a 13th, exclusive model
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