Fiery Dragon Counter Collection Is A Dungeon Master’s Best Friend

Fiery Dragon Counter Collection Heroic

Fiery Dragon has published some of the coolest Dungeons & Dragons accessories this side of Greyhawk. Back when I was running 4th edition campaigns, I added the company’s “counter collections” to my ever growing hoard of RPG books and gaming accessories. Being the old school gamer that I am, I prefer using tabletop miniatures in my games, but let’s face it — as Dungeon Masters we never have enough minis for our sessions. That’s where the Fiery Dragon Counter Collection comes into play.

Fiery Dragon Counter Collection 4th Edition

The first set of Fiery Dragon counters I purchased was the Heroic 1 set. In some ways, the set is still my favorite and one I tend to use most. Heroic 1 has a good variety of lower level monsters, NPCs, and horses (a DM always needs horses!). There’s everything from beetles to zombies, and all the creatures are arranged by level. This is to help the harried Dungeon Master quickly find level-appropriate foes for the gaming session, but in truth all my counters ended up getting mixed together after being punched (not really a problem — I typically pick out the ones I anticipate needing before the start of a game).

The Paragon 1 set picks right up where Heroic 1 leaves off. The Paragon set has a good selection of higher level monsters sure to provide a challenge for most groups (dragons, giants, hydra, and more).

Here’s the level range for each Fiery Dragon counter collection:

  • Heroic 1: Levels 1-10
  • Paragon 1: Levels 11-20

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Counter Collection And Immersion

Back when I was younger and didn’t have access to the miniatures and gaming accessories that I do today, I was resigned to use dice or poker chips to represent monsters. While this worked to run combat scenarios, I felt it broke immersion for both myself and my players.

There are no such issues with the counter collection. The awesome artwork (provided by Claudio Pozas) is colorful and engaging. Though I still prefer miniatures, the counters don’t break immersion and provide a great visual method to keep my players involved in the action.

I should note that while the Fiery Dragon counter collection was designed for Dungeons and Dragons 4e, the counters can be used for any edition and in any game for that matter (I used the Heroic 1 set in a Pathfinder game recently).

Check out a sampling of the counters below:

Fiery Dragon Counter Collection 1

Fiery Dragon Heroic Collection

Fiery Dragon Counters 3

Firey Dragon Counters 4

Fiery Dragon Counters Paragon (1)

Firey Dragon Counters Paragon 2 (1)

Firey Dragon Counters Paragon 3 (2)


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