Why Dungeons & Dragons? If you’re visiting this website you’re most likely a fan of the game and can hazard a guess. Still, I think it’s important to explain why I started a fansite for the world’s greatest role-playing game. Maybe my story is like yours? If not, perhaps you can relate to it in some way.

Product Of Your Imagination…

I’ll never forget my first introduction to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It was shortly after Christmas day, 1981, and like usual I was at my best friend’s house. We spent the better part of the day ice skating on the frozen channel behind his house and playing Combat and Missile Command on his Atari 2600. If Norman Rockwell were to illustrate a picture forever commemorating the idyllic day of a 12 year old from my generation, this was it. No school, no responsibilities, and nothing to do but have fun.

Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set
The game that started it all…

We had a few hours to kill before I had to go home for dinner, so Jerry asked if I wanted to play a new game he got for Christmas. “Sure,” I said, thinking we were going to play Sorry or Monopoly. As we sat on his living room floor he brought out the Dungeons & Dragons basic set with the far-out cover illustration by Erol Otus (still my favorite D&D artist to this day). I was immediately drawn to the otherworldly colors and scene depicted on the box — the dragon rising from the depths of a subterranean river, the helmeted warrior leaning back with spear and shield, and the strangely alluring sorceress ready to hurl a green ball of flaming fire at the beast. This was definitely not Monopoly!

This Game Speaks To Me

Within moments of rolling up my first character, I was hooked. The strange dice, the heroic and mystical setting, the open world possibilities — Dungeons & Dragons completely and absolutely changed my concept of what a game was and should be.

As a kid, I already had a great imagination fueled by the likes of Star Wars and Tolkien. D&D though seized my imagination and added nitrous. I was burning hot with the realization that I wasn’t just hearing a story (like in a movie or book), I was the story.  This was powerful and exhilarating. There was no radioactive spider from my childhood, but boy I was bitten.

Growing Older

Dungeons & Dragons has seen many changes since that time. Its principle creator has passed away, and the small Wisconsin company that introduced a generation to the possibilities of role-playing is sadly no more. Still, others have answered the call and stepped forward. Dungeons & Dragons is in excellent hands with a group of writers and designers who care deeply for the game and an outstanding company that acknowledges the game’s history, yet has unique visions for its future. The D&D franchise is 44 years old, and is still rolling natural 20s all day long!

So Why D&D?

D&D Starter Set
Still going strong…

Why Dungeons & Dragons? To conclude, D&D is worth celebrating. Personally, it’s a game that helped define my childhood and helped nurture my imagination in ways I could never dream possible. Just as importantly though, it’s a game that helped introduce me to friends and fellow gamers throughout the years. The imaginative and social aspects of D&D are the source of its power for older players such as myself, and for 12 year olds from this generation cracking open a D&D Starter Set for the very first time.

My Hope

It’s my hope that this fansite will honor Dungeons & Dragons as the greatest role-playing game ever created. I wish to share my passion for D&D with others in the multi-verse through articles and photos from my personal collection, and I want to share information, memes, and whatever else takes hold of my fancy.  Starting a blog is intimidating on many levels, but ultimately I just want to have fun — just like that 12 year old from 1981, wide-eyed and brimming with excitement at the possibilities of  untold imagination and adventure.

– DM Dave